Journal Articles

  • Youngblood, M. (2019). Conformity bias in the cultural transmission of music sampling traditions. Royal Society Open Science, 6(9). [Link] [PDF]
  • Youngblood, M. (2019). Cultural transmission modes of music sampling traditions remain stable despite delocalization in the digital age. PLoS ONE, 14(2). [Link] [PDF]
  • Youngblood, M. & Lahti, D. (2018). A bibliometric analysis of the interdisciplinary field of cultural evolution. Palgrave Communications, 4(120). [Link] [PDF] [Interactive Network]

Technical Reports

  • Youngblood, M. (2020). A Raspberry Pi-based, RFID-equipped birdfeeder for the remote monitoring of wild bird populations. arXiv: 2001.03693. [Link] [PDF]

Other Publications

  • Youngblood, M. (2019, June). A study of collaborative sampling across international networks. Red Bull Music Academy Daily. [Link] [PDF]